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Simple + Gentility + Stylish = Royalty

In the past, people were born royal. Nowadays, royalty comes from what you do.

Software engineer, Java develeoper, information-security researcher, Open-Source and Open-Internet supporter, Linux user and Tor browser.
Tweets about infosec, personal privacy, cryptography and private communication.
Computer sciences educator, amateur photographer, coffee addicted and well... I`m a geek!

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  • Software Engineer at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU / APIIT) in September 2014
  • Software Engineer at StafordShire University
  • Design Strategy And Branding at MANTISSA College, License 05 (12) /014 in May 2012
  • ACCP at APTECH collage, License 37779 in November 2009
  • MCSE 2000 at Microsoft®


Java {J2EE, Core Java, Web Application, EJB3, Jaba Applets, Servlets, JSP, Apache, ...}; PHP {Laravel}; SQL {MySQL, MS SQL Server, SQL Light}; UML; Linux {Debian Based}; Android,


What is net neutrality? How THEY abuse our privacy? Is your privacy important? Why should you care? Together, we can mobilize the planet to defend the internet from bad laws and monopolies. You in?


ICDL, Internet, Apply Computing, HTML and JavaScript, core Java, Java web application, computer networking.


Amateur photographer. Conceptual, Commercial, Still life, Fashion and Portrait photography.
What i’m doing

Software Engineering

Software Engineering, Open-Source and Debian based Linux, Java / PHP / Perl Development, Oracle / SQL / MySQL Relational Database, Server / Android Developing, Modeling Language (UML), Analyze Software Projects, Design Strategy, Branding and Leading a group.


Teaching to others makes you alive and force you to move forward. So I used social networks, paper, speech, podcast and any other methods to share my knowledge about computer sience with others.


I will always shoot you by my Nikon. Conceptual, Commercial, Still life, Fashion and Portrait photography are mine genres.
My digital album on Instagram: @HesamEsfahlani

Contact Me

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Tehran, IR

+98 500054144

[email protected] (PGP: My Public Key *.txt - My Public Key (0x745F033D) pub.asc)


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